Although we have a broad activity domain, our main focus is set on Media Buying strategies which enables us to ensure a constant corporate growth.

Our media buyers constantly focus on purchasing ad spots from the top 100 websites in the online industry based on different key factors such as CTR calculations, CPM rates and online value of the sites. In addition to the standard media buying strategy we have also developed an unique Co-Opt advertising strategy that is being used together with key webmasters, partner programs and advertisers in order to share the costs of global ad zones to better monetize each parties left over traffic.

Our long term media buying experience together with our Co-Opt advertising strategy combined with our state of the art software technology enables us to profitably monetize all of our traffic buys and create a win-win situation for all of our partners. Currently our ads are viewed by over 2 billion users per month.

Our media buying team is constantly monitoring new markets for us to enter and is focusing on building long lasting partnerships in these markets. Before we enter a new market, we carefully analyze the markets top sites to determine the buyers trends, as well as using our own technology we survey the end users behavior to ensure the maximum exposure for our partners. We then make the necessary modifications to our products and websites to ensure a successful launch into each emerging market.